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There is so much parenting advice on raising children or how to manage your child's behaviour, but where is the information that helps YOU to handle your emotions - the anger, the guilt, the self-criticism (I'm doing it all wrong, I'm a failure), the loss of identity and all the other painful emotions that can arise when you become a mum?

Where's the information that helps you to STOP motherhood stress and postnatal depression so you can be the happy mum you want to be?

Well look no further as this website is full of resources and information specifically to teach you the tools and techniques you need to handle all of the emotional challenges that arise as a mum. 

Our Top resources to help you STOP motherhood stress and postnatal depression

The No More STRESS! 4-part Video Series:
How to end parenthood stress and depression

Prefer to learn visually?  This is our premium package. You get it all!

  • 4 x online video presentations teaching you visually how to end motherhood stress, depression & anxiety (you get to keep forever!)
  • Access to my 12 week Postpartum Depression Recovery Program including full support.
  • A copy of The Happy Mum Handbook (hard copy, audio or PDF - your choice)
  • The YOU Inside the Mum Handbook.

Everything you need to learn how to put a stop to your motherhood stress, depression and anxiety and become the happy mum and woman you want to be.  Click here to find out more...


The Happy Mum Handbook

Click here to see why The Happy Mum Handbook has the best parenting advice available today for new mothers and 'experienced' mothers.

Available as a Hard copy, PDF download or Audio (for the time-poor mum)

The Postpartum Depression Recovery Program

The Postpartum Depression Recovery program is an online course designed to give you a step-by step, week to week, hand holding journey of preventing and overcoming your postnatal depression.

This is NOT a program that will just tell you to 'walk away when angry' or to 'take time out'.  Learn exactly how it makes perfect sense why you have postnatal depression and how to STOP it for good. 

With full support from our life coaches and very economically priced at just $19.95 (with a money-back guarantee), this product will really blow your mind!

Click here to find out more

One-on-one personally tailored counselling

We know you've had enough of going over and over your past with your therapist.

This is something you won't do with our sessions. If you're ready to stop your past from effecting your present, we're ready to show you how.....and we'll give you a money-back guarantee.

We teach you how to identify and change the
specific thinking behind stress, depression and anxiety.

Click here to find out more

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about motherhood? You are

NOT alone. 

The information within this website and The Happy Mum Handbook available for purchase in the shopping cart, are designed to provide advice and suggestions on the subject matter covered from the perspective of a mother and life coach.  In no way is it designed to be a substitute for psychological, financial, legal, or any other professional advice.  If expert assistance or counselling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.