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**While this event has come and gone, you can still access the recording of this fantastic webinar right here at the bottom of this page!**

It's true.  Your child does not come with an instruction manual.  We've heard that joke a thousand times....and it's getting old.

Unfortunately this webinar won't miraculously give you that manual either, however, what it will do is give you a fail safe way to approach ALL of the issues you have with your child's behaviour and, while we're at it, how to handle your behaviour as well - you know those times where you lost the plot and wish you didn't or when you've felt completely overwhelmed by parenting and didn't know what to do.

That's a big promise from one FREE webinar, I know. However, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Hi, I'm Jackie Hall from Self Help for Mums. We are on the verge of creating the Parental Stress Centre of Australia (exciting new website coming soon - check out our facebook page) and at the PSCA we have discovered a fantastic approach to parenting that isn't really being taught in the parenting arena.

This is your exclusive chance to get a preview into what the Parental Stress Centre of Australia will be teaching you about how to handle all things relating to Parental Stress.

I want to let everyone know about this life changing approach to parenting, because when I started using it with my two boys (aged 6 & 8) and even my nephew (aged 4), it completely changed the way I parented my children and how I now help other parents with behavioural problems.

This simple approach will be taught in this FREE 1.5 hour live webinar where you will finally learn how to understand...

  • What really causes yours and your child's emotions and reactions
  • What causes your child to misbehave, even though you've told them a thousand times not to do something.
  • How to address behaviour with a completely different approach that's unlike traditional behaviour management.
  • A five step process to teach you and your child to handle any problem or emotion in life.

Plus I will be running Q&A sections throughout the webinar and after the presentation so that I can answer your questions on how this information applies to your specific circumstances.

Make sure you don't miss this opportunity to attend this live webinar. 
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