Crying babies cause me anxiety

Crying babies cause me anxiety

September 27, 2010 selfhelpformothasks 0

Yesterday I was in the doctor’s surgery with my son Ryan because he has tonsilitis….again. Anyway, while we were waiting for his name to be called, behind me was the sound of a very new baby’s cry.  You know that newborn cry that is so distinct to a mum whose […]

Teaching your child to handle life's challenges

Teaching your child to handle life’s challenges

September 11, 2010 selfhelpformothasks 0

As a mum, one of our natural instincts is to want to protect our child from pain.  It can be one of the most difficult parts of being a parent to watch your child experience hardships.  Whether its hurting themselves, being sick, experiencing the pain of parents separating, watching them feel […]

Mothers suffer in silence

September 7, 2010 selfhelpformothasks 0

I’m starting to realise just how important it is speaking out about how I personally felt when my boys were just 6 months old and 22 months old. My ‘knife’ incident (as seen in the Herald Sun and soon to be written about in next Wednesday’s That’s life magazine, issue 38) is […]