Welcome to Self Help For Mums.  Our positive parenting tips and techniques start by helping you become a happy parent and get you through the emotional experiences you may be receiving through post natal depression or parental stress.  Read more about how you can practice positive parenting by starting on yourself first.

The Self Help for Mums website and The Happy Mum Handbook was written by a real everyday mum and Anti-depression association of australia life coach/course facilitator.

As a mum Jackie is prone to being, at times, impatient, angry, tired and irrational. In essence, she’s just like most other mums.

Jackie was disappointed to find out, after having her two beautiful boys, just 16 months apart, that her dreams of becoming that happy-go-lucky, never putting her kids into daycare, patient, loving and Brady Bunch type mother had quickly disappeared with the onset of parental demands and was soon replaced with feelings of lost identity, anger, self-hatred and misery.

Suffering spells of stress, depression and anxiety during the first 6 months of her second son’s life, Jackie, after yet another angry outburst followed by once again running to her room screaming and crying about how much she hated her life, realised that something had to change.

This realisation was like an awakening. So clear and distinct were the words in her head that sparked the beginning of, not only change for her, but the foundation of the very website and books that you have been reading about. Those words were this:

“No one else can change the way you feel about your life. No fairy godmother is going to come and wave her magic wand in the air and suddenly make you feel good. Only you can change how you feel about life.”

As logical as that all sounds, these were more than thoughts, this was a life-changing epiphany for her.

Prior to having children, Jackie had spent many years periodically studying personal development and had trained with an international personal development group, learning a lot about psychology and loads of tools to change how you think and feel about your life, however had never thought to apply this knowledge to her experience as a mum.

After having this epiphany, Jackie decided that she would begin to use this information to start changing her life and take back control of how she was feeling about her life.

She began looking for other resources for support in line with the emotional aspects of parenting and came up with virtually nothing. No one was teaching parents how to feel or think differently about the challenges of parenting.  Knowing that she wasn’t the only one who had these kinds of emotions about parenting, Jackie was inspired to be the one who created this information for other parents, of course, once she sorted herself out first.

With that, she put herself to work by observing her own behaviours, creating unique tools for changing those behaviours and using the knowledge and tools that she already had, by putting them in the context of her everyday life with 2 young boys (then 6mths and 22mths). The results were astonishing.

While making those changes, she documented her findings and after recent training as a life coach with the Anti-Depression Association of Australia, she wrote The Happy Mum Handbook. Now she works as a course presenter and facilitator with people suffering from stress, depression and anxiety and helping them to overcome these illnesses for good.

This book and website has not been written by a psychologist that may not know much about the challenges of a mum, nor has it been written with the scientific complexities of a psychologist’s training. It has been written and tested by a real mum and many other parents who have experienced real parenting issues and the results that come with applying the methods taught by Self help for Mums.

As quoted by Jackie – “This handbook was not written with hindsight of what I ‘should’ have done when I was transitioning into parenthood, it was written WHILE transitioning into parenthood. I analysed myself, watched myself as I lost my cool and then looked at what patterns began to emerge in my thinking when it happened. I began to observe how my thoughts made me feel. I began to practice different ways to behave and learned where I needed to put my attention in order to feel differently. I taught myself how to make me happy and because there are no other resources out there like this, I now want to share the information and tools that I discovered with as many parents as I can. It is absolutely vital for parents to get this training and it is vital to how a parent raises their children, hence changing generations. It is that important to me.”

Jackie is now determined to spread this message globally to as many parents as possible and is passionate about parents learning to be self-empowered. Learn more about this different approach to positive parenting and how to manage postnatal depression symptoms by signing up today for a free chapter of The Happy Mum Handbook and seeing how it can help you (see the side bar for sign up).