Teaching your child to handle life's challenges

Teaching your child to handle life’s challenges

September 11, 2010 selfhelpformothasks 0

As a mum, one of our natural instincts is to want to protect our child from pain.  It can be one of the most difficult parts of being a parent to watch your child experience hardships.  Whether its hurting themselves, being sick, experiencing the pain of parents separating, watching them feel […]

Mothers suffer in silence

September 7, 2010 selfhelpformothasks 0

I’m starting to realise just how important it is speaking out about how I personally felt when my boys were just 6 months old and 22 months old. My ‘knife’ incident (as seen in the Herald Sun and soon to be written about in next Wednesday’s That’s life magazine, issue 38) is […]

What are you thinking

What are you thinking

May 5, 2010 selfhelpformothasks 0

What you think about motherhood is how you will experience motherhood. Think about it. What has been your conversations about motherhood lately.  To yourself, to your friends, to your family, to your kids.  What have you been saying?  When you find the answer, you will see how you perceive motherhood. […]

How to be Happy without trying to be Happy

August 28, 2009 selfhelpformothasks 0

The answer?  Stop making happiness a goal that you are trying to achieve.  Because you will never achieve it, at least not on a sustainable level.  Happiness is a feeling that we feel when life is going the way we want it to go. The reality of life and the journey that […]