Do Belly Bands Help During Pregnancy

Do Belly Bands Help During Pregnancy

Most of the pregnant womens will face lots of issues during their pregnancy time and some of them are unavoidable as well as a few of them have worthwhile solutions. If you experience abdominal pain or lower back pain, then you can simply find the best belly band for pregnancy for you. Normally, the belly bands can offer numerous benefits for active women, particularly during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. These belly bands are specifically referred to tube like material, which is certainly designed to cover around your belly as well as cover your pants that are highly supporting you to elongate the life of your clothing. However, these belly bands do not provide same support as like other maternity belly belts, rather they do support to keep you relaxed in whatever you are wearing.

A buying guide of belly band for pregnancy support

When you are thinking on perfect support for your developed belly, this belly band is going to be a wonderful support. If you are searching for the best belly band for pregnancy, there are plenty of brands available, so you can easily choose your most favourite one. Here is a brief supporting guide to consider while purchasing that includes:


When it comes to considering size, it will not be advisable to go for a loosely fitted belt or the tight ones; because the tight belts are going to be painful. The loose belts will not provide a great support to your belly. For this specific reason, you simply want to go for a best size according to your body requirements and needs.


Since, you will be wearing a belly completely during the day, it is better to go for belly bands that would not lead to any discomfort. You can simply select a belly band that would leave you satisfied and relieved without even hurting your skin. One of the most essential things to check is that whether the materials are friendly to your skin.


The best belly band is one that can be often worn beneath your garments without even being noticed. For this particular reason, you want to consider selecting the best bands with proper suitable materials. You also want to make sure that the belly bands will last for a long time.

Do Belly Bands Help During Pregnancy

Major purposes of belly bands for pregnancy

Of course, a pregnant woman always feels special; because of developing fetus in her womb. When the belly grows and expands, the clothes become tight, smaller and uncomfortable. In these days, most of the women require to continue wearing their usual skirts and pants during pregnancy. Unluckily, these clothes are becoming smaller around the waistline, when the baby develops. The best action to deal with this is to purchase the belly band for pregnancy that comforts you. However, these are stretchy strips of soft fabric that you affix around your bloated waist on the top of your skirts or pants. Their main purpose is to hide the unzipped buttons or zipper as well as keep the button garment from falling off. Another major use of this belly band is to minimize pain as well as discomfort, particularly on the lower back.

Top most reasons that you want a pregnancy belly band

The pregnancy can usually be tough work at times. So, every pregnant woman should carefully select the best belly band for pregnancy in every situation. This is flexible support clothing that might offer a lot of benefits to active women who are pregnant, particularly during the second and third trimesters. Below are the top most reasons that you want a belly band to assist you:

  • Belly bands can support to decrease your pain
  • Belly bands can offer outward hints for posture
  • It can be worn even after pregnancy for support
  • It offer mild compression during any activities
  • Belly bands allow you to involve securely in day-to-day activities

An overview of belly band

The belly bands are flexible tube like garments in which every woman wear around a belly to expand the life of pregnancy clothing by wrapping unzipped or unbuttoned pants. Also, they act as a layer to support the shelter areas of skin, which become visible as belly enlarges. Even some of the belly bands can offer gentle compression and might provide the great support to your lower back and hip. Moreover, this belly band always stays famous among the pregnancy women as well as come in several various shapes, sizes, designs and colours. More frequently, they have some rubber or elastic trim to support to prevent them from clustering up. Overall, these belly bands are also known as belly sleeves, pregnancy bands or maternity bands.

Essential things to know on wearing a belly band

Now, you can easily purchase the belly band online or from local shop. Here are some essential things to know on wearing a belly band that includes:

  • Wear a belly band or support cloth for no more than two to three hours at a time to avoid overdependence.
  • Both during and after pregnancy, exercises to toughen the oblique abdominis must be done in blend with a great use of belly band to make stronger the core muscles.
  • These belly bands are for only temporary use only, but are not a permanent fix. So, it is much essential to report the primary dysfunction. Both during and after pregnancy, a referral to physical therapy is suggested to report existing pain.
  • Before using any compression garment such as best belly band for pregnancy, you must always consult your doctor. Women with negotiated circulation or irregular blood pressure might be advised against the use of a belly band.


Hence, it can be a quite challenging to determine which maternity support product is most appropriate at every point during pregnancy. The best belly band for pregnancy actually provides ultimate support and has proven health benefits. But, this supportive garment might not be safe for all women. So, it is better to talk with concerned doctor before wearing any form of maternity support product.