How to Choose a Good Crib Mattress

How to Choose a Good Crib Mattress

For babies, sleep is very important as it helps them grow fast. This is a matter of concern to parents. For parents who have a lot of experience in caring for young babies, it is certainly not difficult to choose an affordable crib mattress. However, many parents have had their first babies and experienced difficulties in choosing best crib mattresses. Here are a few lessons and experiences in choosing a good crib mattress for your baby, especially for those wondering how to make good choices for their babies.

The material of baby crib mattresses

This is what parents have to pay attention to first. For young babies, the spinal cord is not fully developed and still too soft. Soft mattress material will adversely affect the development of the child’s spinal cord. The pressed cotton mattress is currently the most popular and suitable material. With components made of cotton fiber (polyester) which is pressed and insulated, the mattress has a moderate elasticity. Due to the characteristic of the cotton and its ability to maintain the original size, it will limit the subsidence when slept on for a long time.

The pressed cotton mattress will overcome the disadvantages of spring mattress or rubber mattress which will reduce the feeling of floating and subsidence too much. If your baby lays on these mattresses for a long time, the spine will be vulnerable to sagging, and the feeling of floating will prevent the baby from sleeping deeply.

Another advantage of pressed cotton mattresses is the ability to vent. Made from cotton filaments pressed together, there are air holes in the layers between the fibers to help airflow. This helps in reducing the feeling of squashing and back sweating commonly in a young baby. Cotton is also a good heat retention material, so it will not cause heat loss when it’s cold.

Due to these advantages, cribs with pressed cotton mattress material is chosen by many people.How to Choose a Good Crib Mattress1

Choose the thickness of the mattress accordingly

Just like a bed mattress, the baby cot has many thickness variations for parents to choose from. The current common thicknesses are 5 cm, 9 cm, 15 cm, and 18 cm. With cribs, the height of the bed is designed carefully so that the baby cannot climb out. If you choose a mattress that is too tall, it will affect the safety size of the crib. If it is too low, it does not guarantee heat retention for the baby. Based on the experiences of parents who have young babies, it is reasonable to choose a mattress with a thickness of about 9 cm. Because this thickness will ensure the best elasticity of the mattress, and not too high or too low which is suitable for the spine of young babies.

Size of mattress

Many parents are also wondering how to choose a suitable mattress size. However, you do not need to worry too much about this issue. Usually, parents will choose a crib for their child first then will choose a mattress and placed it in the crib later. If so, you only need to get the exact size of your baby’s crib, then go to the mattress store you are going to buy and give the mattress size you want. A reputable mattress sellers store will give you the cot size you want.How to Choose a Good Crib Mattress

Choose a crib mattress with a reasonable price

The price is also what parents care a lot about. To choose the most affordable crib mattress, you can refer to the price of a few locations or stores selling prestigious mattresses for cribs. Once you have reasonable price information, you can order directly through the website or go directly to an agent to buy the best mattress for your baby.

Note that the mattress price will not be too different, so with agents who often quote too cheap compared to the common ground, you should instead consider product quality.


Listed above are lessons and experiences to help parents choose the best and suitable cot mattresses for their babies. If you still have questions or concerns, you can directly contact the reputable mattress sales stores for more detailed advice.