Postnatal/postpartum depression – My personal story

Postnatalpostpartum depression - My personal story

Sitting on my couch, I was surrounded by my two beautiful boys. One of them was on my breast, the other one was crying on the floor.

In that moment I wasn’t seeing them as beautiful boys though. What I was seeing was a whingeing, noisy, annoying little 16 month old and a baby who wouldn’t feed, who was causing me nothing but pain, both physical pain and emotional pain.

I wasn’t in love with them in that moment because all I could see was evidence of my failings. Evidence of me not being the mother that I should be. I should be calm, I should be breastfeeding easily. I should be able to entertain my 16 month old while I fed my newborn. I should be able to cope with the messy house around me. Damn it, I should be enjoying motherhood.

But I was doing none of that. Instead, I was sitting on my couch, crying my heart out….again, resenting it all, wishing my pain would stop and wishing that, just once, I could get some of this motherhood thing right.

You see, I have sat exactly where you are. Whether you are questioning if you have post natal depression or you know you have it, I know how you feel and I want you to know that I can help.

You see, similar situations like the one I just described were all part of six months of pain for me. Feeling like a bad mother, getting angry all the time, feeling guilty for ‘stuffing my kids up’, and then hating myself for behaving this way, was what consumed me when my second son was born.

Until one day I got so angry, I slammed a bread knife down on the bench so hard, it bounced off and narrowly missed my son’s head. I ran screaming to my room “I HATE MY LIFE”, all with my six month old still on my hip. After my husband took him from the room and I sat broken and bawling in my bedroom, some simple words suddenly appeared in my mind. They said:

“No one can change this for you. No one can change the way you feel about your life!”

I stopped in the midst of my tears and realised the powerful truth in those words for the first time. I knew in that moment that something serious had to change, and it wasn’t my kids, or my circumstances. It was my mind.

I spent 12 months researching answers, applying answers to my life, changing myself and writing about it as I went.

After I tried to find resources online to help me, I quickly realised that there were nothing really available that really taught mums a simple easy-to-remember process to stop the thinking that caused my depression and to understand how I came to think like this.

There was nothing available that would teach me how to be a happy mum, without relying on the behaviour of my children to be ‘good’.

And so, out of my struggles and my journey to the other side of postnatal depression, The Happy Mum Handbook was born.

I wanted to teach mums how I changed from miserable, self-hating, emotional wreck of a mother, to a happy, healthy minded mum who actually enjoys motherhood. And what I found after changing my own life and living depression free, was that everything I had been doing could really be refined into a simple 5-step process.

This 5-step process is now known as The Mind TRACK to Happiness process and has now gone on to help hundreds of other mums stop doing stress, depression and anxiety.

Here is a testimonial from Tracy from NSW:

“I have loved the book and can totally relate to so many of the real life situations that are identified in the book. Just ordering the book helped start to change my mindset – I was doing something pro-active and positive to make a change and that in itself was great. I am slowly making my way through the book and am getting something out of every chapter that I read and most importantly am having loads more fun with my fabulous children.”

If you are not enjoying motherhood and your post natal depression or stress is consuming your life, I can tell you firsthand, that it doesn’t have to be like this and at last there is a book that will help you to understand your post natal depression, stop your post natal depression and stop the thinking that is causing you so much pain.

I know how you are feeling and I know that this book is helping so many mums who have felt the same as you too. I even have a money back guarantee on this. If you don’t feel like I have helped you in any way, simply send me an email telling me why you are not happy with the book and I will return the money you paid for the book and you can keep it, because I’m not interested in taking your money if I can’t help you.

I’m sure you are well aware of all of the post natal depression symptoms and now you can be well prepared to handle yout post natal depression. My book will help you understand your specific and unique postnatal depression symptoms and how you to overcome your post natal depression for good.