Why aren’t I a ‘born mum’? – The secrets of that happy mum we all know

I have a close friend who is what I call a ‘born mum’.  You know exactly the kind of mum I’m talking about.  She’s calm, rational, smiles a lot, seems to handle challenges with a grain of salt and generally seems to float through her day with barely a grunt or a groan.  She often has about 4 or 5 kids, maybe more and somehow she seems to be able to give them all adequate attention and an abundance of patience and kindness.

You probably have that person in mind already, don’t you?

Picture this person in your mind, going through her day and being this wonderful mother, raising her happy kids with high self-esteem because of her calm and loving manner.

Now compare her to your abilities as a mum.  How do you feel now?

Do you look at her with envy or jealousy?  Has the green eyed monster come out to play?   Has this monster turned on you?

Does it say to you:
“Why can’t you be more like her?”
“Why aren’t you speaking to your child that way?”
“Why don’t you handle tantrums in this manner?”
“What’s wrong with you? You must be doing it all wrong.”
“You’re not as good a mother as you should be.”

What are the words it says to you?  Become aware of what your thoughts are right now because these thoughts will be vital to unlocking the secrets of a happy mum!

Now that this monster has unleashed itself within you, up comes the guilt and the sadness.
Now you feel like your child is missing out on the love that he/she needs.
Now you conclude that no longer are you doing the very best job you could be as a mum.

How do you feel about yourself right now while you’re thinking like this?  I bet you are no longer (if you were at all)… feeling like a happy mum. Compare yourself to this ‘born mother’ one last time and rate how you feel about yourself between 1 and 10.

Personally, I know this feeling you have right now.  I’ve been there…many times.  That’s why I came up with the answers you are looking for.  I searched high and low for information to help me out of that place but no one could help me.

Just what was the secret that these ‘born mums’ had that clearly I did not possess?  What were they doing that I wasn’t?

So are you ready for the answer?

Just a few seconds ago, I asked you to think about the ‘born mum’ you know in your life and how your mothering capabilities compared to this woman. Then I asked you how you felt and what you were thinking about yourself?

Do you recall those thoughts that were going on in your head?  Do you remember how those thoughts made you feel?

Now Imagine what it would be like if you could feel differently about yourself just by changing this conversation in your mind.

Try this out: close your eyes, relax and repeat these statements:

  • I am a great mum just the way I am
  • I am always doing the best I can
  • I am teaching my kids all that I know
  • I am forever learning new ways to be a mum
  • Every challenge is just another experience to learn from
  • I am grateful for the experience of being a mum
  • It’s okay that I don’t know everything
  • It’s okay to  love myself just the way I am

Read these statements again 3 more times and as your brain starts to respond to this new information, I’m wondering if you have already begun to notice that you already feel just a little bit better yourself.  How would you rate yourself now?  Has it changed even in the slightest?

What you have just experienced, is the secret to being a happy mum.
That is:  What you are thinking!!

That ‘born mum’ is no one special.  She has experienced just as many challenges as a mum as you have.  The only thing that separates her from you, is how she thinks about these challenges.

What’s more, you have the power to change the way you think about motherhood and be able to believe with conviction the very statements you just read. At last there is a book to tell you exactly how

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